New Product Available VM 390 Heat Resistant Caulking. Cures in 1 hr.

VM 390 Fast Cure Time Heat Resistant Caulking.

VM Pool Coatings releases new high heat resistant caulking for thermoplastic spray installations specifically formulated to cure in 1 hour !

VM 390 Caulking:

  • Built in hardener; 2 part self hardening

  • The special nozzle mixes equal parts of product for you 

  • Used to fill gaps up to 10 mm

  • Can be used underwater

  • UV stable

  • Salt water resistant

  • Fully cures in sixty minutes


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Follow these simple instructions for application:

  1.  Apply VM Primer to substrate

  2. Apply VM 390

  3. Allow to cure for 1 hour

  4. Apply VM Primer

  5. Apply epoxy and follow manufacturers procedure for thermoplastic spray installation of flock coat and finishing coats.

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mike cleary

Mike Cleary is the President of Canada Pool Coating and the Canadian Distributor of ecoFinish high performance pool finishes and thermoplastic spray systems. ecoFinish designed aquaBright and polyFibro as an alternative solution that addresses typical issues associated with traditional pool coatings; ecoFinish finishes are hard wearing, soft to the touch and VOC free.

We also carry specialized aquatics caulkings and primers; Canada Pool Coating now offers VM Pool Coatings products to enhance thermoplastic spray installations.